All-in-one Investment Solution

Manage Your
SMB Investment

Increase visibility, communication and efficiency with our tools and services for managing your acquired businesses and investors.

Investors and valuation chart

Operating with investors can be time consuming and complex

Generating trustworthy financials

Providing transparency in operations

Managing distributions

Handling future transactions

Distributing statements & notices

Aligning owners to maximize impact

Our Mission

Mainshares partners with SMB entrepreneurs to increase visibility, communication and efficiency when working with investors.

An investment grade experience for your investors

Investor Reporting

Invite your investors to join your business on Mainshares.

  • Dashboard of financials
  • Valuation materials
  • Embedded data room
Waterfall Modeling & Distributions

Quarterly waterfall models and distribution management.

  • Various investment structures
  • Accurate waterfall models
  • Streamlined distributions
Governance & Consents

Manage investor consents to stay compliant with your operating agreement

  • Standardized investor consents
  • Track and manage signatures
  • Stay compliant
Visibility & Communications

Increase investor visibility so your investors can add value.

  • Share closed books
  • Investor updates
  • Centralized data room

“...the investment management suite gives me confidence to back SMB deals and trust the distributions.”

Dylan P.

Investor, Texas

Pricing Plans

Choose the package that makes sense for you.


Starting at $2,500/quarter

Manage your acquired business and investors with Mainshares.

Additional fees may apply

Number of OpCos



Business Dashboard

Investor Updates

Cap Table Management



Waterfall Management


Governance & Consents

Waterfalls Supported



MOIC Hurdles

Additional fees may apply

Add-on backoffice services

Explore our additional tax & accounting backoffice services available as needed for an additional fee.

  • K-1's
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable

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