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Professionalize Your offering

Form your acquisition vehicle, confirm your investment docs, and build your data room.

  • Customizable investment docs
  • Digital teasers
  • Embedded data room
Manage Investor access

Invite your investors and meet new ones, all on the Mainshares platform.

  • Email invites
  • Manage your funnel
  • Embedded non-disclosure agreements
  • Share investor updates
Streamline commitments

Accept and reject commitments through the platform, while ensuring accreditation.

  • Term sheet and commitment letter
  • Investor accreditation verification
Close with confidence

Close your financing round with confidence and speed.

  • Capital call
  • Blue sky filings
  • Form D filings

Access the Mainshares investor network

Access the Mainshares investor network

Entrepreneurs using Mainshares gain access to seasoned SMB investors, family offices and investment funds focused on SMB deals.


Adam B.


David F.


Franklin D.


Jay B.


Adam L.


Stephen H.

“...everything we needed was taken care of and done in a timely manner. We’re fortunate to have found Mainshares and look forward to doing another deal with them very soon.”

Rob V.

Self-funded Searcher, AZ

Pricing Plans

Choose the package that makes sense for you.


Starting at $2,500 + Filing Fees

Manage a capital raise using your own investors and investment docs.

Entity Formation

Accreditation Verification

Up to 10 investors

Digitized Commitments

Regulatory Filings

Up to 1 state

Investment Docs

Bring Your Own

Access to Mainshares Investor Network

Need a Partner to Assist with Fundraising?

Explore working with our affiliated broker-dealer, Main Street Securities.

  • Due diligence support
  • Prepare fundraising materials
  • Introductions to investors

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